Six Presentations Related to Sn-117m Were Presented at 9ICI in Doha Qatar

Six presentations related to Sn-117m were presented at the 9th International Conference on Isotopes in Doha, Qatar November 12-16, 2017, including “Simulation of Sn-117m radiosynoviorthesis including phagocytotic migration within the joint” by Nigel Stevenson, “Nuclear medicine applications of the novel theranostic isotope Sn-117m” by Nigel Stevenson, “Retention and radiation field of a Sn-117m colloidal suspension in canine intra-articular injections” by Nigel Stevenson, “Radiosynoviorthesis: Radioisotope therapy for arthritic conditions” by Nigel Stevenson, “Novel treatments for arthritis in humans and animals using Sn-117m colloids and labeled molecules” by Nigel Stevenson, and “Production and preparation of Sn-117m from the BR2 reactor” by Bernard Ponsard.