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Serene, LLC, is a privately held company that develops and commercializes radiolabeled therapeutic and diagnostic products for oncology, rheumatology and cardiovascular conditions. The use of tin-117m (Sn-117m) conversion electron therapy as a medical isotope was initially developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory beginning over forty years ago.

Tin-117m provides a therapeutic that, when combined with a targeting or delivery molecule, suppresses cancer and inflammatory cells. Tin-117m has already demonstrated safety in greater than 135 human cancer and cardiovascular subjects, and is commercialized as Synovetin-OATM by Exubrion Inc., a spin-out of Serene. Our active programs include human clinical trials for the treatment of bone metastases using tin-117m-DTPA, and homogeneous tin-117m colloid for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Additional products are in development for the treatment of vulnerable plaque, osteosarcoma, pancreatic cancer, and other indications.

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