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Tin-117m is a radioisotope which produces conversion electrons, a form of radiation ideally suited to treatment of a wide range of both malignant and nonmalignant diseases. Conversion electrons penetrate a finite distance, about 0.3 mm, irradiating cells only in the immediate vicinity while sparing distant tissues. Tin-117m is a platform technology and the active component of several drugs and devices for treatment of cancer, rheumatologic, atherosclerotic and other diseases. It also emits gamma photons which can be readily imaged, making tin-117m a true theranostic product.

Serene, LLC, is a privately held company developing tin-117m by building on pioneering work initiated at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Serene has developed and, through its spinoff company Exubrion Therapeutics, commercialized Synovetin OA®, a colloid formulation of tin-117m for treatment of canine osteoarthritis. Serene has received authorization from Health Canada to conduct a pilot study of the same colloid formulation in humans for the treatment of refractory arthritis.

Serene has developed proprietary, improved methods of producing both the isotope and products based on tin-117m.  These manufacturing techniques ensure that an ample supply of tin-117m can be produced not only for clinical trials but also for commercial purposes at a financially viable cost.

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