Four Abstracts Accepted for the 11th International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

Four abstracts have been accepted for presentation, three as posters and one as an oral presentation, at the 11th Annual International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, November 13-16 in Cochin, India.  The oral presentation is entitled, “Production and Characteristics of a Novel Sn-117m Particulate Suspension for Application in Human and Veterinary Radiosynoviorthesis”.  The poster presentations are entitled, “Sn-117m Colloid Radiosynoviorthesis Effects on Canine OA Synovitis as Evaluated by PET, MRI, and behavioral measures”, “A Sn-117m Electroplated Cholangiocarcinoma Stent”, and “Improving radiosynoviorthesis using a Sn-117m colloid”.