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Serene, LLC, is a privately held company that develops and commercializes radiolabeled diagnostic and therapeutic products for rheumatologic, arthritic, cardiovascular, and oncologic conditions in both human and veterinary medicine using conversion electron therapy.  Serene was founded in 2014 and is headquartered near Houston in The Woodlands, Texas.

The use of tin-117m (Sn-117m) as a medical isotope was initially developed by Dr. Suresh Srivastava at Brookhaven National Laboratory beginning over thirty years ago.  For the last decade, the commercial application of tin-117m has been further advanced by CEO Gilbert Gonzales, beginning first with low specific activity manufacturing using nuclear reactors in Russia, followed by the use of the proton accelerator method which produced tin-117m of higher specific activity.  Innovative work by COO Nigel Stevenson then led to a novel tin-117m production method using α particles and a cadmium-116 target allowing tin-117m to be produced inexpensively at-will in the United States, and which is the method of manufacture currently used in some clinical trials as well as commercial production.

The most advanced product in development is a unique colloid used for veterinary and human rheumatologic and joint indications. Tin-117m has successfully completed a number of animal trials and has been safely used in 135 human oncology and cardiovascular subjects.

The first application involves using a proprietary homogeneous tin-117m colloid as a treatment for canine osteoarthritis.  Nearly twenty percent of dogs over the age of seven develop osteoarthritis, causing pain and limiting their mobility.  Tin-117m colloid injected into the affected joint, known as radiosynoviorthesis, targets and eliminates the macrophages which contribute to the inflammation.  Convetra, a dedicated veterinary company, has been formed to commercialize this and other products related to animal health.

An additional clinical application of the tin-117m colloid is to treat rheumatoid arthritis which is a severe debilitating condition affecting 1.5 million Americans, as well as other human arthritides.  Human clinical trials for knee rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are expected to commence in Canada in 2019.

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